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Topics and Ideas for a Presentation


Presentation time certainly makes you burn midnight oil, doesn’t it? It’s a tough time for the college students to script a presentation, with creative ideas that has got to be different from the rest. It gets even more difficult when the others around you consume ideas that are faster than the speed of light. Don’t worry, you will never run out on presentation ideas. Topics for presentation at colleges or schools are innumerable if you think a little out of the box, and if you can’t, read on to open the treasure chest of interesting topics. Presentation topics will help you win half the battle. The remaining half is to put these ideas to script a persuasive presentation. Before you begin, here take a few tips to make a compelling presentation that will grip your audience in a spell binding silence.

Tips for Effective Presentation

  • These may be presentation ideas for kids, high school students, for teachers, or for interviews. However, the topic you choose must be relevant to audience. A relevant topic is the one, which the audience relates to.
  • Make your presentation as crisp and clear as possible. As an advice for school projects, don’t complicate things, by adding inscrutable and pedantic jargon. This will baffle both you and the target audience.
  • Just as we get bored while listening to an unending speech, a long presentation from your side is also going to get boring. Keep it short and simple. People will understand it better and comprehend it even better.
  • Rehearse your presentation till it’s perfected, before the D-day. To make your presentation effective, by heart couple of last lines and make an eye contact with the audience. This will show your conviction and confidence.

Current Affair Topics

  • Human Rights in Times of War
  • Should All the World Armies be Dissolved?
  • Legality of drugs Vs Rise/Fall of Crime
  • Prostitution: The Truth Society Needs to Understand
  • Gay Rights and Marriage
  • Pros and Cons of Abortion
  • Global Warming: An Upcoming Deluge
  • Should Politicians Have a Retirement Age?
  • Sex Education in Schools
  • Use of Cells Phones in Schools
  • Role of Media in Molding the Youth
  • Teen Smoking
  • Internet – The Death of Newspaper?
  • What Breeds Terrorism?
  • Legality of Morality
  • Should Death Penalty be Abolished?

General Topics

  • Unusual Career Choices
  • Causes for Increasing Use of Illegal Substances
  • Creationism vs. Evolution
  • Condom Vending Machines in Schools
  • Alternative Legal Punishment
  • Need for Awareness of STD in Schools
  • Social Darwinism Vs. Welfare State
  • Impact of Cinema
  • Censorship Vs. Free Will
  • Parenting Gone Wrong
  • Effects of Social Networking

History Topics

  • Real Heroes of Troy
  • World Wars: A Walk Through Time
  • Inception of Jazz Music in American Culture
  • Impact of Genocides on Future
  • The Battle of Stalingrad
  • Independence Struggle of British Colonies
  • War Crimes
  • Facts About Joseph Stalin
  • Worst Natural Disasters


  • Analysis of William Wordsworth’s Daffodils
  • Elements of Drama
  • Indirect Characterization
  • Characterization of Feelings or Emotions
  • Romanticism in Literature
  • Examples of Finest Symbolism in Literature
  • Types of Literature
  • Changes in Literature in the Past Century
  • Various Themes Used by Famous Writers
  • What Makes Famous Writers Famous

Environmental Sciences

  • What Is Secondary Succession
  • Biomass Pyramid Vs. Energy Pyramid
  • Effects of Desertification
  • How Do Humans Affect the Environment
  • Most Important Environmental Issues
  • What Causes Global Warming
  • How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Abstract Topics

  • Are vampires real?
  • Is there Any Proof that Aliens are Real?
  • What is the Purpose of Life?
  • Interesting Facts about Planet Mars
  • What are the Seven Wonders of the World?
  • Do Babies Remember their Past Life?
  • God: Myth or Reality
  • Spirituality Vs Religion
  • What is the ‘American Dream’?
  • How is the World going to End?

Presentations help you to sharpen your public speaking skills. They build confidence and help you to overcome stage fright. There is a plethora of presentation ideas topics in the world. A good presentation is the one which stimulates the audience to think on the way back. A well-made presentation changes opinions and creates an unbreakable impression about the topic. Understand your topic well to answer all the queries. The trick to make an eloquent presentation is to deliver it with confidence and grit. Good luck!


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