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Build Your Own Custom Car

For those aspiring to be a la Chip Foose, the mere mention of the word custom car is sure to give them an adrenaline rush. It conjures up the images of whacky designs, modified fenders, bonnets, mirrors and so on. A custom car is an altered or changed vehicle in two ways. The objective is to enhance the performance and make the car a style statement, thus giving it a different look from the other run-of-the-mill car designs.

Create Your Own Custom Car

Initially, you need to assemble the things you would require to customize your car. You need innovation, the accessories for making the modifications, and the blue print of your design plan. These things will generally get you started. You can also watch shows such as ‘Overhauling’ to understand what the task of giving your car a makeover will entail.

Before you give your beloved vehicle an overhaul, check out its condition for wear and tear. This will help you determine how much to modify and which areas you can work upon. To customize your car and give it a different look, one of the most easiest ways is to change its tires. Replace the normal wheels with the custom wheels. If you have a SUV or a truck, chrome and billet are good options for the wheel material, otherwise you could opt for aluminum wheels.

Custom wheels are available in the size between 13-26 inches. Pick whichever size is suitable, depending on the type of the vehicle (car, truck, or SUV). You will need to have a blueprint at hand to get a rough idea as to how the car will look after the modification. Once you choose the wheels, many people opt to work on the vehicle suspension; they either reduce or increase it. For that, you would need to get a kit.

Another area to focus on would be the body and the color. However, body modification is a tough task. So, you would need to go for an auto shop specializing in this aspect, and tell them what changes you exactly want in your vehicle. For instance, if the body of your car is a bit rough and you want to give it a smooth, suave look, what can be done is shave your vehicle. So, that would perhaps entail removing the handles, mirrors and so on. Then you can weld together the seams, grind it out and smoothen it, so as to make it ready for a coat of paint.

You can have graphics added to your car through paint. Paint the jazzy formula 1 design on your vehicle. In that case as well, it would be better to get a professional to apply paint. Choose from the shiny metallic colors to the dull and flat ones. If you just want to change the color, remove all the parts, paint them and put them back again.

A great idea to customize your car is to get the upholstery or the interior changed. You can use leather or any other upholstery that you want. You can also install a swanky music system. Performance enhancement can be done by installing new air intake or a factory exhaust.

Basically, if you have proper plan and good imagination, you can completely give your car a new look. So, use the aforementioned information to get started with this task.

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