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10 Popular Dragon Age Fanfiction Websites Dragon Age is one of the most popular games in the fantasy genre. Not only the game but also its characters have developed a cult following. If you couldn’t get enough of the story, then we have an assortment of websites that are designed to delight Dragon Age fans, old and new.

An anime film based on the Dragon Age series, Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker, was released on February 11, 2012.

Dragon Age is a real-time fantasy game created by BioWare. It narrates the story of an unnamed protagonist, simply called the ‘Warden’, who joins Duncan, the commander of the Grey Wardens. In the continent of Thedas, a special event called the Blight occurs every 400 years, summoning creatures from underground called ‘darkspawn’. This time, the darkspawn are controlled by an arch-demon hidden inside a dragon. It is of importance that the Blight be stopped, as previous Blights have destroyed many cities in this continent.

There are a total of 4 games, starting with Dragon Age: Origins which introduces the characters and his ragtag band of teammates, Alistair, a reluctant hero with a sarcastic wit and the player’s close friend, Leliana, an ex-member of Ferelden’s Chantry, Morrigan, a cynical and anti-social dark mage, Sten, a proud warrior of the Qunari people, Oghren, a brutal dwarven warrior, Zevran, a male elf who is a part of the Antivan Crows, Wynne, a powerful spirit healer and the only one who voluntarily joined the team, Shale, a mighty stone golem, and the Mabari War Hound, a loyal companion who stays with the party no matter what. The Origins story is followed by Awakening, which continues the story of the Grey Warden. Some of the group members return in the next installment, Dragon Age II while some others return as trusted advisers such as Leliana in Dragon Age: Inquisition. While some were disappointed at the absence of the Grey Warden in Inquisition, his character does have an impact on the events in the current game, according to the choices he made in Origins. But this hasn’t stopped the fans from contemplating the protagonist’s actions after his departure from Ferelden. Given below are some of the fan fiction websites that continue the story of the Grey Warden and his teammates.



The largest fan fiction website in the world, it’s obviously the first place you should look for to find Dragon Age stories. The great thing about this website is that you can filter your content according to character, storyline, and the number of words, if short stories are your preference. This site also includes a crossover category, that lets unknown characters have a bigger storyline, like Ser Cullen.



Whuffie’s Dragon Age Blog


Whuffie’s blog tells all kinds of stories, ranging from fantasy to straight-away absurd. He focuses mainly on his favorite characters, Alistair and Leilani, but his stories dwell on other characters too. Other than stories, you can check out the Dragon Age mods, which let you modify the characters in the game. This blog also features reviews of all Dragon Age games as well as its additional content. You should definitely take a look at this website before you go to the next option.





Wattpad is a company based in Canada, which gives unpublished writers a platform to get their voices heard. Some of their stories have been adapted to TV dramas like Bagito. This website has a collection of stories based on Dragon Age. It’s absolutely free and you can browse it anytime.



Archive of Our Own


Archive of Our Own, shortened as AO3, is a fan fiction website dedicated to all genres. It has a lot of stories, ranging from those for a general audience to those with mature and explicit content. All the content is on the surface, like the number of words, user views, and its ranking, which makes it easier to choose. It was voted “One of the Best Websites to Visit” by Time Magazine.



I Do Not Brood


I Do Not Brood has a straight-forward corporate look on its website. It definitely doesn’t pretend to be part of the clique and displays the latest stories according to their published date. The tags below the description make it easier to choose what you want.



Swooping is Bad


It’s the only website centered on Alistair, the underdog and the protagonist’s best friend. It has spoilers based on the upcoming games or previously played games. It even has a forum dedicated to discussing the different storylines. It has stories for all 3 games starting from Origins and ending with Inquisition. You can submit your own ideas as the registration is free.



Bloodsong Dragon Age Blog


Bloodsong is a fan-dedicated website of Dragon Age, that has numerous sections dedicated to the stories of Valorien and Bannon, the high-class elves. It has sections for fan stories, music videos dedicated to their friendship, and many others. It has a separate mod section, that modifies the physical attributes of the game characters. Other than content, it has a gallery of all the characters. So, along with reading stories, you will also be able to get wallpapers with all your favorite characters of Dragon Age.



Knightowl’s Dragon Age Blog


This is another website dedicated to Dragon Age, with separate sections for those who love short stories and for those who love unadulterated top content novels. Even if you are not a Dragon Age fan as yet, you will be, once you read their stories. It even includes links to the official creator of the game, thus letting you stay updated about the upcoming games.



Dragon Age Fanfic Recommendations


This is one of the recommended websites for the fandom of Dragon Age. Imagine how it would feel if the Grey Warden had decided to stay with Leilani or if he had decided to spare the life of Flemeth. All your whats, ifs, and buts will be answered on this website.



Dragon Age Live Journal


The great thing about this website is that it has a calendar that depicts any new entries and highlights it in red. There’s an RSS feed which lets you keep abreast of any recent updates on the website. It also has a tag cloud that focuses on the trending topics discussed on the blog. If the stories have any relation to the game, they are saved with the spoiler tag, so as not to ruin anyone’s fun.


These were some of the websites that host content about the Dragon Age universe. These fanfiction websites will entertain you and also give you the means to express your opinions on your favorite characters of Dragon Age. You could also check websites like reddit and tumblr for their sections dedicated to Dragon Age fanfic. DeviantArt, an online community, mainly displaying user-generated artwork could also be your choice for literature and fan art on Dragon Age. So, what are you waiting for? Visit these websites and join the ones you like.


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