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Photography Projects Ideas for Beginners

They say, a picture is worth a thousand words and of course it is, when it brings out the reality without any alterations. To capture a moment through a camera, is not just a ability that comes with owning a camera, but an art that only a few can master. It takes an eye for detail, which can take notice of a moment just a little in advance to capture it forever. As a novice at photography, experimenting with photography projects for beginners will teach you a lot about the camera and also about how to get good pictures. To improve your photography skills, practicing is the only option.
Ideas for Amateur Photography
Sunrise and Sunsets
Light is an essential tool that a photographer needs to learn in great detail, while honing his photography skills. Light keeps changing very hour, which changes in geographical locations and with changes in weather conditions. As it is a naturally available source, using it in the best possible way, is imperative. Shooting sunrise and sunsets is a great idea to study light in the fastest way. Shoot sunrise and sunsets, for a week at different locations and see the difference in shots. As sunrise and sunsets last only for a few minutes, painting the sky in hues of orange, purple and pink. To get some of the best shots, you will have to first study the location and light. Being quick and alert is the key to taking excellent pictures of shot term phenomenon.
Changing Seasons
A change in season brings about a change in scenery. Fashion changes, environment changes, animal behavior change, and most importantly there is a drastic change in colors around you as well. The best way to do this photography project for beginners, is to shoot your own garden. Shoot various subjects in your garden such as the lawn, bird feeder, plants, a bench, picket fence, the pathway which leads to your door and so forth in spring, summer, autumn and winter. These snapshots, will bring out different aspects of the same subject with changes in the seasons.
365 Days
This photography project is about capturing 365 days in the life of your subject. This can seem a little tough, as you will have to stay with the subject for an entire year. This photo shoot will capture your subject in every light, in every season and in every condition. Nothing is more rewarding than the ability to look back and see every single day of your life through those photographs. You can either shoot a family member to make it a little easier as being with them all year round is very much possible. Another easy way to do this project is to capture the highlight of your day for a year.
Calendar Shoot
If you are always on the go, then this photography idea is totally for you. Take a picture of something that strikes you at every place you visit, every month. It could be a person, a place, a tree, a road, a station, an animal or any other thing. The pictures needs to strike you in some way of the other. By the end of the year, when you have 12 noteworthy photographs, turn into a calendar which depicts the year that was!
Photography projects are meant to help amateurs understand the finer nuances of taking pictures by learning the technical details of a camera. As identifying and chasing the subjects get more and more difficult, the project ideas will get more rewarding. So, take up each of these ideas as a challenge and learn photography in a focused way!
Travel Collage - World images
Fall Color Photographer, Quebec
Nature photographer with tripod an backpack in the alps
Reindeers In Snow
Sunset Street
Mt Fuji With Chureito Pagoda Japan
Cherry Blossom At Mount Yoshino Nara
Mountains Summer Sunrise
Springtime Door County Cherry Blossoms
Kirkstall Abbey At Sunset Leeds
Autumn Sunrise
Beautiful Sunset At The Park
Flower Covered With Hoarfrost
Kedarnath In India


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