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Unique and Creative Digital Photography Project Ideas

Everyone is an amateur photographer. With digital camera becoming cheaper and camera-enabled mobile phones giving better quality, it is extremely easy for a person to indulge in the hobby of photography. If you also would like to better your photography skills, then one way to do so would be to take up a photography project. There are many different ideas that you can choose from. In this article, we give you some of these ideas that you can use.
Digital Photography Projects
Coming up with ideas for a photography project can be at times cumbersome because most ideas that you come up with can seem repetitive and overdone. But you need to think differently. In order to create gorgeous images, you do not need unique subjects but a unique approach. Even the simplest of things can look extraordinary if you have the right vision. The ideas given in this article will hopefully help you capture images testament to that.
Intrigue in Nature
spider web
You do not have to be a great photographer to recognize the beauty that is in front on your eyes. There are some images that always intrigue and force you to think. How many times have you looked up at the sky and spotted various recognizable shapes in the clouds? On how many occasions have you looked at the spider weaving its web to admire the delicacy of it all? These are moments that are worth capturing on film. Sure, the concept has been used several times before and it will be used on many occasions in the future but every individual has a different way of looking at things and you will realize this in time and with patience.
What was your childhood hobby? Was it collecting rocks, stamps, or coins? Or did you have a more eclectic collection of matchboxes or coasters from different restaurants? If you know people who have worked on and built admirable collections of different things over the years, then ask them for permission to photograph the collections that they have created over the years. These can make for some amazing photographs. Create situations and place the collections in interesting positions to make the images more engaging. If you cannot find enough collections, then haunt flea markets to photograph different interesting shops that have been set up with delightful curios.
After Dark
night photography at verrazano
Night photography can be challenging and rejuvenating all at once. Even the most experienced of photographers can face problems when it comes to clicking photos at night, thanks to the lighting issues at hand. But some of the best and most beautiful photos are clicked at night, and you should be able to capture some unique images at night. Do not restrict yourself to scenic landscapes. Cities with their mind-numbingly fast traffic can make for some great images. Play around with the shutter speed and you could capture some images that are synonymous with the way of the city.
The Emotive Face
portrait-photography expressions collage
Portrait photography is personal and truly a window into what a person is feeling and thinking. A portrait can reveal more about a person than what they say. Capturing different facial expressions can be a great photography project. Of course, with portrait photography it is important that you take a person’s permission before clicking a photograph. Use a model to pose for you and ask him or her to express different emotions. Use lighting and image sizes to create differentiation in the photographs.
365 Days
photograph of park bench at sunset
Normally when people talk about 365 days photography projects, they are talking about taking self portraits every single day for the next one year. But this is an idea with a twist. What you could do is pick out a place that you love, like the neighborhood park bench, and take photographs of the events that happen there and the people who come and sit there, everyday for the next 365 days. It could be the start of a brilliant photography collection.
Closeup of a blood sucking fly
Dahlias and asters
Eight knot on a sail boat deck
Towels on wooden boards
Scarlet Beebalm
USB chargers
Handgun and Pepper Spray
Giant Palm
Garden Landscape Design With Lawn
Autumn Landscape Road
Healing herbs - Artemisia absinthium
Foot stuck into chewing gum on street
Centella asiatica


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